Terry Collins is a Mad Man


It’s never been questioned whether or not Mets manager Terry Collins is or is not somehow related to lovable Mad Men asshole Roger Sterling, I mean just look at them. But we do question how long they have been doubling as each other behind the scenes? Like Fred Savage in Family Guy, it appears as though Roger Sterling, or rather John Slattery.. or better yet Terry Collins.. is in fact the greatest character actor in the history of sports.

After endlessly watching Collins’ aftermath reaction to Wilmer Flores’ teary on-field debacle following rumors of his trade for Carlos Gomez, it’s clear the Mets’ head honcho doesn’t mess around and has little time for sensitivity. He loves his team, but by god he keeps it real. And for that we thank him.

This type of hardball ruthlessness has been lacking on this bench for some time now and it’s nice to see that the veteran manager still has some fire in his belly. Now let’s take that photogenically perfect gut on the field for some looking-to-get-tossed meltdowns in Sterling-like fashion. Let’s make Lou Piniella and Mets fans everywhere proud.


Original Background Photo: Newsday (AP/Jeff Roberson)


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