Welcome to the Conforto Inn!


As he begins to carve his much-needed niche in New York, 22-year-old-just-promoted Mets wunderkind Michael Conforto is also undoubtedly searching for new spokesman opportunities.. or at least his agent is.

And we’ve found no better placement than in his own cleverly named hotel, the Conforto Inn.

Continental at-bats, comfy smiles and a full-night’s rest that the rest of the Mets refuse to give their fans will leave you wanting more. At the Conforto Inn, you’ll feel like you’re actually watching a major league baseball lineup step up to the plate. A new age of hotel, a revolutionary time to be a Metropolitans fan.

Jump on the bandwagon now before it’s too late and the Amazins are once again atop the MLB Draft order.


Photo via hotels.com (Comfort Inn).


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