Maurice Ndour’s Humble Beginnings

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 12.58.06 PM

Don’t believe everything they tell you about Knicks summer league sensation Maurice Ndour (pronounced N-door) being from Senegal. The 23-year-old maniac in the paint actually hails from one of the basketball-lacking forests on the Forest Moon of Endor.. his particular neighborhood known colloquially as Ndour.

Yes, Knicks fans are disappointed that their summer-league version of the Junkyard Dog is headed to the Mavericks for prettier and richer pastures. But at least New York got a taste of the fiery potential that this future anchor has. It was fun while it lasted.

Unfortunately, the Knicks simply weren’t willing to offer the guaranteed money that Mark Cuban could or was willing to dish out following the DeAndre Jordan mess. Since he did leave the Knicks, most NBA fans can hilariously guarantee he’ll probably be a Hall of Famer. Though in reality, maybe he’ll be a solid cog on the Dallas bench.

Only time, or better yet light years, will tell.


Original STAR WARS pic via


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