Lorenzo Cain’s MVP Motto


If you consider yourself even the slightest of baseball fans, you know 29-year-old outfielder Lorenzo Cain as the Royals’ spark-plug center fielder passionately – and humbly – dominating the AL Central with graceful defense, passion and the best smile in baseball.

It took light years for the Kansas City Royals to climb back to relevance, just ask George Brett. But Missouri fans are now “Marshawn Lynch thankful” for Lorenzo Cain and the royal pack of young and hungry ball players who came to save the day.

I mean what’s not to love? The guy wins Defensive Player of the Month awards, holds together a tight-knit locker room (just ask Salvador Perez) and even hits homeruns in consecutive games.. sometimes. Heck, he’s even in rare, unique baseball-record company. In an eight-game span this month, Cain had 15 hits, four doubles, four home runs, nine RBIs, nine runs scored and two stolen bases, with Kansas City winning seven games during that span. According to FoxSports, “Since RBI became an official statistic in 1920, only three other American League players can make the same claim. The AL players who did it prior to 2015: Babe Ruth in 1920, Lou Gehrig in 1927 and Derek Jeter in 2004.”

But if you’re still not sold that Lorenzo Cain plays ball the right way and is a perfect fit for any ball club, then perhaps you should watch him drop the gloves in a scuffle – yeah, this dude can fight. Particularly against physically superior opponents or baseball players with “Shark” as their nickname.

Here you can see some artistically genius photographs of Cain and a throng of wannabe MMA fighters battling Jeff Samardzija and his crew, thanks to the Associated Press crew capturing the action and Deadspin.com for reporting.

Good old school, all-american fun. Major League Baseball.


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