Justin Houston Gets Paid Quite A Lot by Chiefs

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 10.39.21 AM

Fresh off a 23-sack season, Justin Houston was ready to get paid. And it was only fitting that the Kansas City Chiefs were the ones to own that responsibility and pop the linebacker’s $100 million cherry.

And to make sure he stays happy, Kansas City chucked $101 million across the negotiating table at Houston real quick (though not too quick, considering they faced a 4 p.m. ET deadline) – a sum he’ll earn over the course of six seasons according to sources. $52.5 million of that is guaranteed.

Not only is this the richest contract in Chiefs history, it’s also the wealthiest for a linebacker in NFL history. And let’s not forget that while it doesn’t scratch at the six-year, $114 million contract that Ndamukong Suh got with the free-spending Miami Dolphins ($59.95 million guaranteed), it’s a whole million more than JJ Watt’s once earth-shattering contract offer.

Sounds like Houston pulled a “Ballers” and had some random friend hustle the Chiefs for an extra mil, just to troll the All-Everything, always-bloody-nosed DE Paul Bunyan over in Houston.

Though I guess one sack shy of the record does qualify Justin Houston for some kind of massive raise, as well as a perfectly timed picture of him signing said contract extension..

Congratulations to the young one (rumor has it 26 is the new 13); this will far surpass the $3 million total he earned during the first four years of his NFL career, an amount that conflicted with three pro bowls during that period.

How does this happen, you ask?

Well, back in 2011, Georgia linebacker Justin Houston was projected as a surefire first-round pick until he failed a marijuana test at the combine and was suddenly hit with the “character issues” tag. He naturally dropped and the Chiefs stole him in the third round. Once again confirming that NFL front offices are fairly moronic when it comes to judging talent or supposed off-the-field issues.

Though based on his drop in draft rounds, that may have been the priciest joint he’d ever smoked. First to third is several mil right there. Forget character concerns.. if anything the guy had financial planning concerns.

But the time has finally come for Houston to cash in and become another iconic sports meme; and now we can safely confirm that Houston has few if not zero problems left. He joins Demaryius Thomas and Dez Bryant in the just-received-an-insane-contract-extension club, happily, as seen in his tweet above.

Original Image: history.nasa.gov


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