Antonio Gates, Sheldon Richardson Suspended 4 Games By NFL


Jets fans may be pissed at their golden-child defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson for puffing the magic dragon as Peter Paul and Mary – or even Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents – would say and thus being suspended the first 4 games of the season, but it’s San Diego Chargers fans who should really be stewing after realizing their all-class, all-perfect 8-time pro bowl tight end isn’t really all that perfect and heavenly. 

We simply have no tolerance for guys taking short cuts, trying to heal quicker by short cutting the hard work that thousands of other borderline roster cuts put in just to have a chance at making the NFL. 

Damnit, Antonio, we always loved you – why did the juice have to ruin our happy ending like every other heroic sugar-coated sports story that ends in performance enhancing drugs?

Of course what we really learned is that the same action that would cause a legend to be exiled from the hall of fame in baseball only results in a 4-game suspension and nothing else in football. Maybe Barry Bonds should’ve been a linebacker, or better yet a punter. 

Damnit, Bernice, you’re better than that. Come back like a champ. The Chargers will surely need your touch. 


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