Sepp Blatter’s Alter Ego

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 3.41.26 PM

Now that he’s on the verge of FIFA expiration, Sepp Blatter is prime for sports meme and live-stand-up comedy abuse.

Though are we better off calling him Sepp Bladder, now that he’s taken a steaming hot dump all over the game that most sports fans outside of the US die for and can’t stay off the media toilet? Now that we’ve merged him with an on-TV-every-other-week classic, it’s clear Billy Madison could’ve indeed helped rectify Blatter’s corrupt tenure as FIFA President.

An election date for FIFA’s new president is soon to come (July it seems), and all I can possibly sum up from this whole experience is that 1. soccer – or rather, futbol – is far more mischievous than anyone thought and 2. Adam Sandler as FIFA President could work. Some call it crazy, others say the insinuation itself is revolutionary. But at the very least, he’d give us two hours of stupid yet somehow iconic comedy and that’s fine with me.


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