Jonathan Toews’ Chinese Food Connection


Considering his name has already been used in a remix of “Glory Days” by Bruce Springsteen, it’s no shocker to see NHL stud Jonathan Toews pop up pretty much everywhere on social media channels or in pop culture references. Now granted, Toews is a tad too excited to be making his beloved General Toews chicken in this pic (photograph originally being Portland Legend Jim Louie), though his excitement does strike a nerve – or rather trigger a memory.

The memory of Chinese food in high school.. a time when pronunciation issues and a lack of giving a shit forced us to refer to Sesame Chicken’s spicy remix as ‘General Toes’ instead of the proper General Tso’s.

There’s no question that Jonathan himself has gone through this struggle – truly wondering whether or not to create his own brand. And it looks like he’s ready to start that chapter.


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