FIFA Corruption Brings Indictments, Backlash and Sports Memes

It’s been said over and over again that with great power comes great responsibility. But after years of alleged corruption and yesterday’s reported indictment of 14 soccer officials, it’s now fair to say that with great monetary wealth comes pure mayhem.

FIFA and its committee, regularly accused of everything rhyming with corruption since the early stone age, came under harsh fire when it awarded Russia (2018) and Qatar (2022) the next two World Cups.

It seems as though corruption has become a part of the game, off the field that is. A sketchy underbelly easily tossed to the side by fans and the like. Even with “billions of dollars at stake,” Morocco, Egypt and South Africa lobbying for the privilege of hosting the all-glorious World Cup, and executive committee votes apparently being up for sale – a seven-figure sale at that. And despite the flames and his narrow escape from arrest, FIFA President Sepp Blatter isn’t ready to call it quits.

But instead of scuba diving into the shit storm that is the FIFA scandal – or dare I say, FIFA-gate (vomit) – let’s ask the serious questions.. why is the US – where soccer is seemingly less popular than Fifty Shades of Grey – getting so involved and taking mostly non-American FIFA officials to court? Since when do we have a say in foreign affairs?!

Welcome to ‘Murica, ladies and gentlemen. ‘Murica.


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