NFL Set to Hire Sarah Thomas as League’s First Female Referee


In groundbreaking news, it looks as though former Conference USA referee Sarah Thomas is ready to step in as the NFL’s first full-time female official, according to Yahoo and pretty much every other sports publication on the web. She’s become a pioneer, a poster woman for a significant and continued transition in the NFL.

Bob Dylan once wrote, the times, they are a-changin. I’d like to think most NFL fans have heard that song. For those who haven’t, it’s a song about diversity, old wooden ships and loud noises. Or wait, that’s something else.

A league headlined by violence, money, and off-the-field failure, the NFL really could use change – even to promote the idea that they are willing to stretch the limits of tradition and revolutionize the future of the game itself.

For Sarah Thomas, this is far more than just another job – this is a mountaintop of Everest proportions being touched. For fellow female referees, this opens up new doors of NFL opportunity.


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