NY Knicks Schedule is Tearing Them Up


The New York Knicks play a brand of basketball we haven’t seen in the NBA since the expansion era Raptors of 1995.

I often ask myself who would win the New York Knicks or the Los Angeles Sparks. The answer is that nobody would watch that game. When your team sucks as bad as the Knicks do you have to find new ways to enjoy watching them.

Most of us Knicks fans watch with blindfolds, or vats of ice cream. Some mute the television and pretend to be the announcer, annoyed by Walt Clyde Frazier’s monotonously poetic flow. Others start rooting for it to get worse to lessen the pain of losing. Or my personal favorite, changing the channel.

The future of the Knicks is nearly as bright as the light shining off Michael Jordan’s bald head. We’re getting all the losing out now, so the rest of Phil’s tenure can be #winning. Right?


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