Derek Fisher’s Team


As of late, specifically the past 18 years, the Knicks have torn us apart with their god-awful lack of production and overall recycled core of garbage has-beens. Too cynical to believe Derek Fisher could possibly save New York from another season of pure mediocrity, us Knicks fans still manage to shit our metaphorical pants at the even-worse nature of today’s team. Trust in Phil, we preached. We hoped.

Now, buried in a season mainly featuring the wacky antics of periodic PMSer Quincy Acy, I’m forced to question whether the ZenFather really gives a shit. I don’t question his love for the game or passion for winning, but does the guy really need to do anything else? With more trophies than Derek Jeter’s black book, Phil Jackson doesn’t really have any need to prove himself.

What drives a successful squad is urgency, fight, chemistry. A team effort surrounding a coaching staff scraping anything in its way just to prove itself. I’m not sure this team has it, from top to bottom. Flowers and kitties aside, Derek Fisher’s delirious stare isn’t cutting it. Phil Jackson’s wait and see attitude isn’t really inspiring. Jim Dolan’s laying low, so bravo there.

But we get a brawl from the Fish? Maybe even a tossed soda, some screaming? Anything really.

Right now we’re in a funk, stuck in the middle of a torn-apart hope that one day we’d arrive. Zero upcoming prospects later and we’re still awaiting that spark, that next future star. And for the Knicks, anything.


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