Jameis Winston is Almost Famous


Following his subpar showing in Thursday’s Rose Bowl in which the most magnificent highlight was Manti Teo’s girlfriend getting her first career sack, almost famous Jameis undoubtedly felt his 2015 NFL Draft stock fall harder than Vince Wilfork’s morning shit.

Seasonally mentioned as a potential top-10 pick (even No. 1 has been uttered by self-described experts everywhere), Winston has been on the back pages for all the wrong reasons since winning the 2014 Heisman Trophy – sexual assault accusation, stolen crabs legs, vulgar language – you name it, it’s probably been tossed in his direction.

But what is this talented signal caller all about? Is he a little kid looking to turn the majority of his first paycheck into a refurbished Ferrari 288 GTO and blow the rest on strippers? Or is he unlike anything the media portrays; instead an actually humble and mature signal caller oozing with real potential?

Some see a star, others envision a new influx of Jamarcus Russell-like sports memes, the rest clinging to the hope that one day this athletic gargantuan can revolutionize the NFL – pioneer a new age of quarterback. It seemed he was destined to fail as the possible “savior” of a desperate team in this year’s draft, but a falling draft stock may better help Winston succeed. For us, it’s always easier to root for the underdog.


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