Rajon Rondo Becomes Dallas Mavericks’ Top Gun

Rajon Rondo, Ragin Cajun Rondo, the longtime star point guard of the Boston Celtics, has finally been traded.

A trade of the mercurial guard has been long overdue, and now Rondo will be playing for Mark Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks – alongside the great eugenics experiment and sports meme, Dirk Nowitzki. The league will quake at the thought of Rondo averaging 20 assists per game, with both Tyson Chandler and Dirk dramatically increasing their per-game scoring numbers.

Once again, that which us angry city slickers believe should have belonged to the New York Knicks (the Tyson-Rondo combo platter) has ended up with another team.

We can only wait and see how dirty Rondo is in Dallas. And not Christina Aguilera or Kool-aid mustache dirty, but actually physically and emotionally dominant on the basketball court. We do know one thing – Jameer Nelson’s Celtics are going to absolutely suck. Good news for the garbage Atlantic Conference though! The Knicks, Nets and Sixers must see a golden opportunity to win 3 games they would have otherwise lost. And at least the Knicks probably still will.


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