New York Knicks Feuding


Cuncel da season. It’s time to blow the New York Knicks up and start over. We don’t just mean trade everyone away either, if you catch our drift.

Things have hit rock bottom at Madison Square Garden, and it only took 22 games into the season. The Knicks have the most losses in the league, and are only a game ahead of the Philadelphia 76ers, who are actually TRYING TO LOSE.

Personifying this BP-oil level catastrophe is the relationship between Carmelo Anthony and Tim Hardaway Jr. Apparently, the two volume shooters hate one another, each accusing his nemesis of shooting too much and not playing defense. The word on the street is they have almost come to blows in the locker room after games, and are always cursing each other out.

First of all, you’re both right. Neither of you plays defense and you both shoot too much. STFU.

Secondly, stop screwing with Melo, Timmy. You’ve lived a life of privilege and excess, with your millionaire NBA retiree father and your suburban Miami mansion. Carmelo Anthony is a straight rebel from the streets of West Baltimore. That guy didn’t have two basketballs to rub together growing up, and you want to throw fists with him? That fight would be more lopsided than Rocky vs Mr T. in the beginning of Rocky 3.


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