Marcus Nostroudamus

A legend in his day, Marcus Stroud used to dominate the trenches for the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Buffalo Bills – all the way to a 99 rating in Madden 2008. Being the top defensive linemen in a Madden game isn’t just a delightful measure of your talent, but the transformation into a cultural Icon.

People remember their favorite Madden players. In countless fantasy draft franchises, Marcus Stroud was only available to the player in an early round – many a first round pick were used on the stout tackle out of Georgia. Forget about making a trade for this fantasy IDP legend either.
It’s not enough to have fabulous dreads – you need to have the swagger. And Marcus Stroud has that in spades – not many former NFLers go on to become sportswriters or DirecTV fantasy experts after all.

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