Studying the Hynocerous

It was December 2011. 4th quarter. 3rd and short. Jerryworld was rocking. The New York Giants lined up to try and get the crucial first down for their comeback. And right there, at the center of it all, was the key to the game – the beautiful block of silent muscle called Henry Hynoski.

The Hynocerous was once a curious beast. It receives no love from the masses, no attention from the horde of cameras in the post game. But the Hynocerous is indeed a legendary animal. Without those crushing blocks, would Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs have turnt it up so much? We’ll never know, but the smart money is probably not.

He’ll never be a viral sports meme. He’ll never be the top pick in a fantasy draft. But this majestic horned creature will live forever in championship antiquity – and that’s probably good enough.


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