Golden State Warriors Put Opponents to Sleep


It’s how I feel when I watch David Lee hold a basketball. Somehow still a Knicks fan, I remember a time when the Florida product shockingly weaved his way in and out of bewildered defenses in front of a temporarily fooled MSG audience. Like his mundane layups and porous defense, David Lee high fives with the grace of burnt toast. Perfectly captured in a moment of pure oblivion, Lee and Marreese Speights define boredom.

But let’s be real, the Golden State Warriors are a melting pot of shoot-heavy excitement. Often starring in games with over/unders of 210+, Stephen Curry and his speedy crew seem destined for a long and healthy playoff run. It’s only a matter of time before Klay Thompson scrapes his drain-every-three potential and Andrew Bogut snuffs the opposing post game.

This curious moment, however, will forever be featured in funny sports memes while David Lee attempts to carve his niche in the basketball hall of hard work and respect. Not to be confused with the Naismath Memorial Hall of Fame.

If you’re a Warriors fan, you’ve got to love the present, the future, and the uniforms. A great sunset view and this fucking awesome team to root for, what’s next – brand new Ferraris for the first 4,000 fans? By now you can tell I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this prestigious franchise. Touche San Fran, you truly are the Golden State.


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