Geno Smith Hates the MTA Too

SO here we are again. The good old Metropolitan Transit Authority, known colloquially as the MTA or the SuperDevil, has decided to hike the NYC transit fares yet again. Perfect. So tell me, what is my extra 25 cents paying for? You to sit around and do more nothing? Fuck up everyone’s weekend for bogus “construction?” Build an actual G train, so that it becomes a real thing instead of a concept? The people still waiting in those stations might appreciate it.

As far as greedy fucked up pricks go, the MTA is right up there with the IOC, FIFA, and the NCAA. Think about it – the MTA is supposed to be providing a PUBLIC SERVICE. At least the other 3 are just sports. You’re straight up messing with people’s lives here. The IOC and FIFA extort countries and cities. The NCAA extorts millionaires and Universities. THE MTA IS EXTORTING THE PEOPLE!

We won’t stand for this bullshit. It’s time to run the MTA out of town – they can take Geno Smith as a framed sports meme and ride one of their piss-stained L-trains back to Jupiter, Florida, home of Twisty the Clown.


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