Joe Johnson is Apparently the Highest Paid Player in the NBA

Is anyone in the NBA more overpaid than Joe Johnson? Since Joe Johnson is the highest paid player in the league after taxes, the answer is – unequivocally – no. Joe’s contract is an albatross rivaled only by those owned by teammate Deron Williams, NYC rival Amar’e Stoudemire, and perennial bum Gilbert Arenas.

Luckily for Joe, NBA contracts are guaranteed, so he can look forward to those fat checks for another 2 years. The only guy in the league with a 6-year, $123 million contract, Joe has clearly reaped the benefits of the old Collective Bargaining Agreement at an unmatched level.

Now this guy sees the world, even his teammates, as broke motha fuckas. Eating dinosaur egg omelets in his in-home barber shop in Dave Chappelle fashion. Bravo.


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