Dimitri Patterson’s Legacy

What a shit show it was for Dimitri Patterson, the no-show cornerback for the corner-back needy Jets who mysteriously disappeared earlier this year. We’re not sure where he was AWOL and neither does anybody else it seems, but I sure can tell you that no team needs a guy like this – leaving the team by the wayside for a fucking one-game showdown with Dave Franco in Madden 15.

What kind of teammate does that? Sure, I could understand a preview of Madden16, but for the ’15 version you ditch your professional club millions of dollars? At this point, I’d say Antonio Cromartie’s inability to avoid having 22 kids is more impressive than Patterson’s professional resume. Time to clean the CV slate clean, bro.

What do you mean Dimitri Patterson went AWOL?? He was at Dave Franco’s house playing Madden15 the whole time.


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