Welcome to NY, Zenfather

It seems like ages since Phil Jackson was hired to take over the entire Knicks franchise and turn it from a toxic minor league wasteland into a competitive NBA team. But now, 9 months later, we’ve got 4-15 shitshow with an unemotional turnstile at the helm. Truthfully, the only hope we have this year is with the draft pick we somehow have this year. Shocking we didn’t trade it for a wooden bench. The Bockers have had 3 first rounders in the past 8 years, basically crushing any potential future for this team.

Now it’s time to step back and watch the so-called Zenfather make an offer that the team and us as fans can’t refuse. Otherwise, we’re going to hit those mattresses and slaughter every line in The Godfather. And protest the dreadful horse piss that is the 2014 New York Knicks.



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