Mo Vaughn Being Classy

It’s probably been said that Mo Vaughn was the Rick Ross of Major League Baseball. He had a couple huge years, hit some rockets out of the park, wore bling like no other, annihilated interviews with his Barry White suave. Shit, he was the man. But would it be crazy to find out the truth one day – that Mo and Rick are one, just like Fred Savage in Family Guy? No, no it wouldn’t. It would only confirm that Mo Ross is indeed the american dream come to life.

He was a baseball icon, a plump sack of muscled potatoes who could swing with the force of a morning shit. His homerun shots were higher than Howard Hesseman while his waist looked like bread being baked around twine. Basically Babe Ruth with better street cred but a worse eye, true baseball fans will remember Mo Valuable for his infamous swing and misses and his bloated contracts (see Mets). In other words, I guess he was in fact the Rick Ross of baseball.


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