North by North Ditka

Suspenseful, brilliant, moody, classic. Alfred Hitchcock hammered decades of viewers with his obtuse approach – a uniquely subtle scare for an eager and befuddled audience. And this one, hell it may have been the best.

Starring the man of men, the hurricane of hurricanes, the coach of coaches. North by North Ditka, a film oozing with potential weirdness. It was a case of nostalgia – Hitchcock clearly missing those old Saturday Night Live episodes with the Superfans, Chris Farley and his crew eating and farting to the amazing stories of Ditka that they told repeatedly. Say what you will about the anger-problemed coach, but the Superbowl champ is an icon for Chicago and everywhere else. I mean come on, the fuckin guy made Kicking & Screaming a permanent hollywood hit.

Aside from the New Orleans Saints, everything Ditka touches turns to gold. Especially the camera when he decides to rant. Carry on, good sir.


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