Forget About AnDre

Seriously, forget about this fucking guy. The former SOMEHOW FIRST OVERALL PICK from Rome is most likely the worst thing to happen to basketball since the surprising regression of the glorious afro back in the early 1990s. The former “savior” of first the Toronto Raptors and second the News York Knicks, Andrea Bargnani never really found any considerable success whatsoever. He showed flashes of decent-starter potential, but blew that with a constant influx of 26-foot bricks and non-existent rebounds.

Unlike legendary lyricist Dr. Dre, Andre hasn’t been able to maintain a successful and luxurious on-court rap sheet. But despite a lack of basketball ability and a belligerently inept approach on the court, Bargnani makes one helluva sports meme. We’ve seen some weird album covers, but this takes the “we started from the bottom, now we here” mantra and turns it into it’s own crazy shit personality. Andrea Bargnani should no doubt look to spread his wings and fly into the entertainment world full throttle.

His first album can be “The Contract” and he’ll beat the game with his earful of junk, showing the world that everyone deserves a second chance.


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